Sunday, November 05, 2006


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a favorite subject of I recently have come to believe that everybody is somebody's hero! I am instanly surronded by the country song "she's somebody's hero" by Jamie O'neal, reminding me that in my daughters eyes I too could be a hero!

Growing up I had people that I looked up to, that I would consider my "heroes," they included but were not limited to my Dad, My Mom, My grandparents, a few of my teachers...etc

As a late teen and early adult I coached cheerleading and taught dance, finding that I had an impression on many young people, making me realize that I should watch every move I make, what if I was out w/my friends drinking (after I was 21 of course) and I saw a parent fo a never know who is watching and how they will be let down by a wrong move!

as my life progressed my opinion of those people who I had held on pedastals for many years slowly diminished and I realized that I had different I consider my sister a hero of mine, for surving the death of two people a week apart who she loved dearly (boyfriend...and best friend since kindergarten)..... My Dad still remains one of my hereos, b/c to me a hero is someone you can always lookup to when you need help and to me that is my dad! and single moms to me are heroes, b/c I never could do it on my own!!!

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