Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I took the kids to playtown today, and....
they both had a blast. But Nathalie, made instand friends with a couple of girls, that she had never met before, initially she said they "hurt her feelings" but within minutes the three of them were like the 3 amigos, up until we got ready to leave 2 hours later.....So here is something to consider,What happens in the time between then ( you know being 4 years old) and, say, our age? It's an amazing phenomenon to me, how kids can instantly run off playing and have the BestTimeThatTheirLittleMindsHaveEverImagined when they've known each other all of ten minutes.And why don't we do that more as adults?I'm just wondering, what do you all think about this? seriously, let me know!

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