Thursday, September 11, 2008

a month

really, I cant believe that nearly a month has passed since I last posted, I think about posting often but by the time I get around to it....

Our trip to Oregon rocked, it was amazing, fun, amazing! I loved it!!

Our grandbaby was born!!!! Anna Rose entered the world 13 days late on August 21st and was a healthy 9 pounds 2 ounces!! Mom is in love with her, and we can not wait to meet her!!

I am loving my new job! I work between 24-30 hours a week.

I am back in school, taking 2nd semester Organic Chemistry, plus lab. I have been blessed with an amazing friend Jezzy, who is in this class with me, and makes it much more bearable, its awesome to have a "study buddy"!

I will be 29 in 15 days! We are going to do a group dinner, and then go play some darts and pool, we don't get out much so it should be fun and entertaining!

Nathalie had her first soccer game last saturday and is in love! She scored 2 goals, and only one was in the " wrong" goal. Her team color is green, and they are called the green dragonflies!

Here is the "heavy" part of this post. William is undergoing some evaluation and testing right now, he has been diagnosed as "borderline" autistic. He definitely is not severe, but does portray some traits. He has a more thorough diagnostic psychological developmental evaluation at the end of the month, so we will find out more then.

so there in short is what we have been up to more or less.

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Jen said...

We've been missing you guys!!! Good to hear about William and his testing, at least you'll know something more definite and move forward with that, I have resources too, LMK when I can help! Congrats on granddaughter!! I'm looking forward to pictures of her!! ((HUGS)) to everyone!