Friday, September 14, 2007


so monday, I was just busy, but now I'm tired. This week consisted of Playgroup Monday (just for William as Nathalie was at school) home for Will's nap, mom (thats me) cramming in as much homework during nap time as possible, a trip to trader joe's pick Nathalie up from school, home to make dinner (we had chicken fajitas that were delicious) and then off to school for me. My crazy husband went back to work after I got home from school at 1030, worked all night, came home Tuesday morning, showered, ate and headed back to work as he has inventory coming up so he's cramming in as much work as possible. Tuesday morning I took Nathalie to school, then William and I met my Grandma at La Mesa pool so she could work with him some (she's a swim instructor) and he loves the water, but not so much without me in it apparently so for his next attempt Grandma got clearance for me to get in with them. After his swim he took a monster 3 hour nap (LOVED IT) while I did homework and cleaned a little bit. Tuesday night was Calculus for me (oh boy). Wed I worked all day then schooled all night came home in time for hubby to pull another overnighter. Thursday I did laundry and cleaned; then worked from 6 to 10. Today (friday) William and I took Nathalie to school, then came home and I TOOK A NAP with him from about 930 to 1030 it was amazing, I honestly couldn't tell you if I tried the last time I took a nap. Then we met daddy at his dr's appt at 11:30 (follow up from his shoulder surgery). We then met up with Nana and Auntie for lunch, and made a quick trip to Target. Hubby called while we were lunching and was broken down on the side of the 67; lucky for me (and dh) my dad happened to be in Poway (and my dad rocks with cars). Shortly after William and I returned from Target, Sam came home to William and I nursing in front of the air conditioner (it was so hot), I picked Nathalie up from school alone (left Will with daddy) and the first thing she asked was "where's William?" I then went to work, and just got back. and to think this is only the 3rd week of the semester. love it really i do.


chanale said...

Oy. I got tired just reading it. I hope you're able to get in some relaxation time soon. :)

veganmomma said...

Wow, I feel overwhelmed just reading that post, I know you can make it work though and thankfully you do have family in town you can lean on if needed. And friends too!