Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nathalie is going to school

A much debated topic I am quite aware! After much deliberation, Sam and I have decided to enroll Nathalie in Preschool! I must say that it helped me tremendously to read Sara's information on her daughters first day of school After much research and what seemed like countless (in reality it was only 3) visits we found a school that both she and we love! There are so many benefits to the school that we registered in. Most importantly it seems that they believe in a lot of the same philosophies we do as parents (educators). Although they provide snacks and lunch for the kids, we are welcome to provide our own (which I may or may not do, not sure yet)! They believe in gentle discipline (BIG ONE in my book). They are super close to our house, which I must admit factored in as well and have a completely open campus (which means we can visit whenever we or she wants). The preschool is called The Grey Rabbit which some of you may be familiar with *right across the street from Collier Park*. She will attend 3 days a week Mondays Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 until 4 (although the hours are quite flexible). She starts September 4th, 1 week after Mama goes back to school!! It will be so good for her (and allow me not only some alone time with William; but considering that William still naps, some study time.) She can't stop talking about the pet bunny they have named snowball (one of several small pets they have) or all the kids she saw and teachers she met! After visiting this morning she told me she wanted to go back (which was the first time out of the schools we saw that she said this) I think she may realize how close in proximity it is to our house and the park that we frequent so often and in her mind it must help her to realize that mama will always be close!

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veganmomma said...

I am glad you found a place so close and with a program that is inline with how you parent. So far, I am thrilled with Athena's 1st school experience, she is loving it and I trust them so much. They are loving and dedicated and open to parent participation, etc. I just feel welcome there.