Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Absence, Life, and the future

So the last time I took my kids to playgroup was pre-Sam's surgery...it's been over 3 weeks. We were going to go on Monday when my transmission decided it wasn't such a good idea; and although I would LOVE to get a new(er) car Sam says we should wait until February or March, luckily my DAD can fix cars!!!! And he is coming to my rescue today (yet again; he just replaced my master cylinder on Saturday)and for the small price of 80 dollars my car (fingers crossed) should be up and running. I feel like a horrible mom but between his surgery and them getting sick yesterday really was the first time we would have been able to go, so I don't feel too bad after all, we won't make our Thursday playgroup this week either because I have to work and next Monday we have plans to go to the beach *but at least I'll be getting the kids out of the house* so hopefully they'll get to go to playgroup next Thursday!

Furthermore; I registered for school today! I'm going to start on 8-27 and will be taking Organic Chemistry plus Lab which is 5 units and Calculus which is 3. I am very satisfied with the schedule I got because I will have class M & W nights from about 530 to 1030 and Tuesdays from 6-10. During this semester I will be working Sundays and Wednesdays 8 hours each and thurs and fri nights. So if you've done the math my only day without work or school will be Saturdays. We are seriously considering part time preschool for Nathalie, she would attend Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and although I'm iffy about this, the school is walking distance from our house, and we are going to look at it on Thursday morning, Sam really wants me to have time to study and since William still naps at least I would get a little time to do that during the days Nathalie was (is) at school!

I want to be the best mom I can to my kids and I know that once I finish my PHD program in (fingers crossed again) roughly 6 years I can work less and make more! in 6 years I will be 34 and be the mother of a 9 and 7 year old; that is quite frightening to me. My husband will be 50 at that time and who knows if all goes well maybe he'll be ready to be a SAHD by then, he talks about it often and he would be a great SAHD; so we'll see!

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