Tuesday, February 20, 2007

you should probably get comfortable...warning whining post ahead

I havent posted in 2 weeks. Life is just getting away from me! I'd like to say I have been busy accomplishing things, but thats not reality. I'm stressed out, a little depressed and have been caring for a vomiting and diahrea producing almost 3 year old since Friday! I have been getting horrible headaches lately, complaining about everything imaginable and completely unmotivated to do anything! For about 7 of the last 14 days I think I've remained in pajamas the entire day, the other 7 only dressing myself in order to go to work! I haven't gone grocery shopping in over 2 weeks and we are eating very creative meals as a result ( minus the aforementioned ill almost 3 yr old) . I'm tired all the time, lacking motivation and dizzy with regret. I often (recently) have felt anger towards my husband, for not being more helpful with the kids, when we are both home together. I often feel like I am a single mother yet I'm not and I don't want to be! I confronted my husband regarding these issues last night and he has been kissing my ass ever since, which is not what I'm after either! I explained to him, as I now will to all you that I become frustrated that on the days he works his 8 hours, when he comes home he expects me to make dinner, bathe the kids etc, explaining that he is so tired from his day at work, on the days I work 8 hours he expects the same! Don't get me wrong I love my family and my life, but sometimes I too need a small break granted my work is not (physically) as hard as his (and yes I am reminded of this often)....I truly love my dh despite all of this and hope you all dont think I don't; however, over these past couple weeks I have reached a breaking point, slowly sinking into a black oblivion, I feel like I'm treading water and fighting to catch my breath... I struggle to make everyone else happy and realize I really need to make myself happy first! Alright well thank you all for listening to me vent!

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Elaine said...

So wait. He doesn't think what you do with the kids is work? IT IS WORK. IT IS IMPORTANT WORK.

Yeah, he needs to step up, especially when someone is sick.

And you? You need a day off. RUN AWAY!