Thursday, September 14, 2006

Halloween and my sad day today!

well Halloween is just around the corner and I am as excited as all get out I LOVE HALLOWEEN its my favorite I just simply love it. My dh who I love dearly normally could careless about what my kids wear when especially at halloween normally (for the past 2 yrs) i pick up a costume and say oh look what Nathalie is gonna be this year! well the other day the following conversation occured in my household....

S: what is William gonna be for halloween?
me: well I don't know I honestly hadn't thought about it!
S: Well, I saw a really cute Lion costume the other day, and I really want to have him be a lion
me: okay

So then in my brain I kept thinking what am I going to have Nathalie be and at Walmart the other day I saw a dorothy costume! and the following conversation occured between my 2 yr old and I

me: Look Nat a DOROTHY costume do you want to be DOROTHY for Halloween?
(mind you my daughter has no idea who dorothy is)
Nat: Yeah momma me dorothy red shoes too redshoes
me okay

so I bought the dorothy costume , but have yet to get red shoes but will........

Now re: today....DH had to give william 3 ounces of formula and I have been crying about it all day....he finished all our bm that was frozen and I have been pumping my heart out.....I will continue to nurse him as much as possible and pump to keep up the supply while im working but it breaks my heart I'm sad.....but life will go on!

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