Thursday, January 04, 2007

William is 8 months

The time this month has flown by, I think mostly due to the fact that the holidays were among us!

Dear William,
Its so hard to believe that you our dear son is 8 months old already. You have fallen in love with solids, [which has caused my hormones to go wacko (due to less nursing)] and want to eat anything and everything you see! I find myself often having to remind your sister that you can't eat certain things (like peanut butter, eggs, strawberries and popcorn)! But if I'd let you I'm sure you'd eat them! You have been a bit fussy this week, as I think more teeth are on the way, but still you have only 2! I enjoy watching you grow ds, but can't believe how fast its gone; I get somewhat sad when I realize you are the last baby that your dad and I will have (biologically at least)!
William at 8 months old, right after a hair cut by Dantie Nichole!

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