Monday, January 22, 2007

Adventures in potty learning starring Nathalie

You see my friends at around 19 to 20 months old my beautiful daughter showed an extreme interest in the potty, so I followed her lead.... she was never fully trained but did well most of the time until of course her little brother entered the world....I left her be and never pushed her, as she went into her regression. Last Wednesday we were in line at Rite aid and suddenly she says "mom, I need to go potty", "What?" I asked, "I need to go potty right now," (as she starts to pull down her pants, while in line) I put our stuff down run her into the bathroom (with William in his sling) and she pees....and pees and pees it was a beautiful moment, and I took it for what it was just that a moment! I put an Ariel pull-up on her and encouraged that Ariel would be really sad if she had to be thrown away because she was peed on! We got home and about an hour later Nathalie went into the bathroom and I asked "what are you doing honey" "going pee pee mama" (what?) "Oh, okay" Since the first incidence at Rite aid last Wednesday Nathalie has succesfully made all her day time urinations on the potty which to me is an amazing start! She has still had wet night time diapers, and will not go poop on the potty, but I will take each small victory in stride.....Oh and sorry about all the potty talk, but I am utterly giddy!


Wannabe Hippie said...

YAY for Nathalie! And yes, this is how you get there... little by little and with nothing but encouragement. Anya's been showing interest, so we'll just see how much longer I have to deal with dipes!

Jen said...

That's awesome! Congrats to Nathalie for figuring it out!!