Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mama is on the computer finally

Life runs away from me. the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years! Originally when I started our family blog I commited myself to at least one post a week and I was blowing that out of the water! and then recently I have become busier as my innocent newborn has become an exploriative infant who will a) attack the keyboard while in my lap or b) scoot backwards across whichever room he is left alone in! So now my computer time has become extremely limited to the 5 minutes I have alone to myself while both kids sleep simutanously one time a week! No I'm not even half way joking, I wish I was! sort of anyways, I love every moment with them I do! Today we went to playgroup and it was fantastic, it was suppose to be a craft day but the mom who was going to host was sick so we ended up at a park, which Nathalie loved. and i loved. i loved this park because it was completely surronded by fences with one way in and one way out! it was amazing to be able to let Nathalie run wherever she wanted exploring and plyaing with her friends. trying to get her to leave 2 hours later wasn't an easy task, but I know in time it will get easier. I hope. ok well friends I'm outta time as William is beginning to stir! ttyl~E

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