Wednesday, October 04, 2006

5 months old

Dear Son

Today you are 5 months old, and I can hardly believe it. In the blink of an eye the past 5 months have passed us by! You are getting to be so big, already 18 pounds! The interactions between you and your big sister please me and bring a smile to my face on a daily basis! You scoot all over the place and roll like crazy! You have learned to blow rasberries with your tounge and love to hear yourself squeal! Its amazing to me that you are already trying to do things like sit up and crawl and in the same moment it frightens me tremendously, am I really ready to be the mother to 2 mobile children? um I think not! Ha! You are a bundle of joy! The other day I was calling you Liam because when Nathalie says your name it comes out (weeeammm) so i thought (as I did before your birth as well) that Liam was a great nickname,! Your dad took one look at me and said yes that is a nice nickname, but his name is William (well I stand corrected, yet he can call you chunky mc chunkerston and thats ok? lol) ! Honestly you are a William it suits you so well, and I am so use to calling you William that no nickname fits in my eyes! You are your own person and as your Dad and I have discussed many times, we will call you whatever you want to be called! I love you dear son and I cannot believe 5 months has already passed us by!

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