Friday, June 16, 2006

I made it out of the house by 9:30 2 days in a row :)

Thank goodness for small miracles!!!! Yesterday I took William and Nathalie to playgroup at 10 and we actually made it out of the house, to babies r us (I HATE THAT PLACE) and to the park by just a few minutes after 10....and that was even after William stayed up until 3 in the morning (boy that was fun lol)...Then today I made an appt for 1010 for William to get pictures taken for Daddy's day and we were actually at Parkway Plaza early enough to get Nathalie and Momma a smoothie at Jamba Juice before the pictures WOW I can't believe it I am actually being able to morph into the real world again. Right now my 2 little lovlies are sleeping both of them simutanousely its a miracle what am I doing, I'm gonna go follow their lead and catch a cat nap myself...till next time.....momma bear

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