Friday, June 09, 2006

cleaning fairy

I really wish there was a cleaning fairy, I woke up this morning took one look at my house and wanted to crawl back in bed...its like a tornado struck, and not in just one area EVERYWHERE....see we have tornado Nathalie in the front room who has strewn her toys anywhere imaginable. Then we have tornado Sam in our bedroom as he shucks his dirty clothes on the floor (um hi honey we have a laundry basket lol)...and then we have tornado everyone (including me) in the the dishes are in the sink and I am thinking ok in between nursing william, and feeding nathalie i really need to get this place cleaned up; so i'm pretty sure that today will be a little more tv for Nathalie than she needs but thats okay i guess since we were outside all day yesterday and will be most of tomorrow as well.

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