Wednesday, April 02, 2008

baking... William's speech...and Nathalie's speech

Over the past couple of weeks I've been baking up a storm, I don't know whats gotten into me! Most likely its the fact that Nathalie is so in love with baking, so I've been incorporating her in the mix! This week, she and I baked peanut butter cupcakes on Monday, although they turned out a bit more muffin like than cupcake like they were still delicious. Tonight we were on the road to baking banana bread, and I couldn't find my loaf pan so we turned them into muffins they turned out great! I only had two bananas left to use so I added a couple of cups of applesauce and Nathalie really thought that was funny, to mix bananas with applesauce!

William had his 1st speech therapy appt today and I'm happy to report that he truly is catching up! The pathologist we saw today was amazing! William is at the range of an 18 to 21 month old now, and he is 22 months, so we are on our way.

Nathalie's school is having speech evaluations on Monday and asked permission to have her evaluated. I never realized (I guess because she's my kid, and I just thought that was the way nearly 4 year old talks) but she has quite a bit of difficulty with the sc sound like in School and Scooby, as well as the K sound! The K sound became completely clear at my moms this weekend when Nathalie was attempting to say hello kitty, well her K sound is a t, so it came out "hello titty".

anyways thats the latest with us!

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