Wednesday, October 17, 2007

to wean or not to wean that is the question

I have nursed William for 17 and a half months, I have loved most of it, truly I have. The moments that he and I share nursing are almost always joyful. Recently (in the past month or so) our nursing relationship has not been on such friendly terms. He bites.hits.plays.etc.... Yesterday I nursed William very early in the morning (around 4 am) and decided, I would see how long we could go without nursing. It's currently been 42 hours. Yesterday I attended a natural family playgroup and discussed my situation and feelings with the moms there. One mom really put it into perspective for me, (she just recently weaned her 18 month old) by stating that she was resenting her lo, which isn't healthy for anyone in that relationship. When stepping out of my relationship with William I realized that thats exactly where I am right now. All that being said, I really think that William and I are going to work together to a non-nursing status in our relationship. It makes me sad, because he is my baby, but honestly (even if it does sound selfish). I need this in order to stay sane.

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Jen said...

I was totally there when nursing Hannah. I forced myself to keep doing it until she was about 20 mos then I told her (bc she was so mature and UNDERSTOOD me) that when she was 2 there was no more nursing. I started to look forward to her birthday and prayed that she understood...2 weeks or so after her birthday she decided to stop. It was so cool, but not going to work for everyone. Stay sane Erika!!! It really isn't for everyone and that is my true belief...and I'm an avid bf supporter! ((HUGS))