Friday, May 25, 2007

busy busy

So sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I feel like we are going non-stop! Monday morning the kids and I went to playgroup, the only time we've made the park this week. my husband brought me home a beautiful arrangement of flowers for no reason at all?! Strange as it is, they are absolutely beautiful! Tuesday was my Dad's birthday, he's 53 we spent the day up at Nana and Papa's! Wednesday we spent the day at Nana and Papa's again this time for mama to do laundry! Yesterday (Thursday) I worked all day and then got my hair done! and Today was filled with running errands and going to visit Dada at work! well thats more or less what we've been up to this week!

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Jen said...

I *knew* your hair looked different today!!!! I almost said something then didn't bc well... just didn't think that it was your hair that looked different. So... it looks GREAT!